MD 817B (50ml/day)

– Product size: 150*105*190mm
– Color box size: 160*110*200mm (one color box)
– Product net weight: 0.63kg (including
dehumidification block)
– Gross weight of product: 0.73kg
– Outer box size:
– Tank capacity: 1000ml
– capacity :50ml/ day
– Suitable room: 10m2


Dehumidifying box


Product functions:

– Can be used continuously for 8 days at a time;
– Noiseless and easy to operate calcium chloride dehumidifier box;
– The use of environmental protection calcium chloride absorbent material, water absorption rate of up to 80%;
– In addition to moisture-proof and dehumidification, it can also absorb formaldehyde, benzene, volatile organic compounds (TVOC) and other toxic and harmful gases in the air;

Dehumidifying box