R&D team

Kooling boasts a professional R&D team, comprehensive laboratory facilities, and continual R&D investment, all of which ensure product quality & market competitiveness.

Industrial chain

Complete production process,design, mold manufacturing, injection production, production and assembly, PCBA design and processing production are completed by ourselves.

Customer service

Kooling has extensive international market exp, global biz expansion, efficient SCM & multilingual team for smooth international client communication.


Guangdong Kooling Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in March 2010, a research and development, production, sales as one of the intelligent small household appliances manufacturer! We have a strong research and development team, advanced manufacturing facilities. Since its establishment has been adhering to the “create dreams for employees, create value for customers” business policy, committed to semiconductor electronic products, such as intelligent dehumidifier, humidifier semiconductor refrigeration field and other intelligent products development and production.

As intelligent small household dehumidifier manufacturer, We create a comfortable, healthy, dry, and efficient environmental experience.

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