MD 8586 (400ml/day)

– Product size: 180*132*281mm
– Color box size: 227*172*345mm (1 color box)
– Product net weight: 1.49kg
– Gross weight: 2.4kg
– Outer box size: 590*485*388mm (6 packs)
– Water tank capacity: 1500ml capacity :400ml/ day
– Rated power: 22.5W
– Loading quantity: 4 PCS/box, 2100/20GP 4200/40GP


Intelligent dehumidifier
Thermo-electric condensation technology dehumidification is more efficient and higher refrigeration density, through Thermo-electric effect, the dehumidification effect is faster and stronger.


Product functions:

– With LED indicator light

– Can be used in bedroom, savings room, kitchen, office, living room or baby room, etc.;

Intelligent dehumidifier