MD 8081 (500ml/day)

– Product size: 250*110*280mm
– Color box size: 288*155*320mm
– Product net weight: 2.40kg
– Gross weight: 2.58kg (one color box)
– Tank capacity: 2000ml
– Dehumidification capacity :500ml/ day
– Rated power: 36W
– Noise: <40dB
-Suitable room: 15m^2


Wardrobe smart air purifying dehumidifier


Product features:

1.mute    2.Energy saving   3.Small and portable


Product functions:

– High temperature automatic protection: when higher than 84℃ automatic protection, disconnect the power supply;
– With LED indicator light, humidity control and temperature and humidity display function; Automatic stop when the water is full;
– Can be used in wardrobes, savings rooms, walk-in closets, kitchens, cabinets or baby rooms;
– With Bluetooth connection, negative ion air purification and automatic induction lighting LED function, when the product is turned on, users can download the APP application dynamic lighting LED function, observe the current humidity;



Wardrobe smart air purifying dehumidifier