MD 636

– Product size: 149.5*52*110mm
– Color box size: 129*72*206mm
– Product net weight: 0.79kg
– Gross weight: 0.91kg (one color box)
– Outer box size: 485*330*297mm
– Rated power: about 18±2 W


Dehumidifying box


Product functions:

– Hygroscopic capacity up to 50±10% ml per day
– Recyclable dehumidifier box
– Use environmentally friendly silicone absorbent particles
– Color-changing function with humidity indicator bead
– Suitable for closets, storerooms and cabinets
– Adsorption of formaldehyde, benzene, volatile organic compounds (TVOC) and other toxic and harmful gases in the air;

Dehumidifying box