MD 120 (12L/day)

– Product size: 280*235*530mm
– Tank capacity: 2.5L
– capacity :12L/ day
– Rated power: about 255W;


Intelligent compressor dehumidifier

Kooling intelligent dehumidifier Help you dry every day. Intelligent compressor dehumidifier.Daily dehumidification capacity 12L/ day. VAT refreshing.


Product functions:

– With touch buttons and humidity control panel;
– Can control the fan speed and timing;
– The top of the water tank is equipped with RGB seven-color lights;
– With the function of automatic stop when the water is full or not loaded into the tank;
– Can be used in bedroom, savings room, kitchen, office, living room or baby room
– Automatic defrosting function;
– Compressor stop/start protection function;
– Low and high temperature protection;
– Continuous drainage function;
– With child lock to prevent miscontact;