MD 101 Pet basin humidifier

– Product size: 315*175*108mm
– Color box size: 280*280*110mm
– Product net weight: 0.93kg
– Gross product weight: 1.18kg (weight of one color box)
– Outer box size: 580*295*350mm (6 packs)


Pet basin humidifier


Product functions:

– With automatic constant temperature function
– (press O gear) Middle gear is off, no heating;
– (Press I) Low temperature constant temperature, center surface temperature Degree constant temperature at 15℃-22℃;
– (Press down in grade II) High temperature and constant temperature gear, the central surface temperature is constant between 29℃ and 36℃;
– It is suitable for heating kittens, dogs and other pets when the temperature is low in winter.