HD 600 (5L)

– Product size: 300*181*285mm
– Color box size: 330x210x325mm
– Product net weight: 2.3kg
– Gross weight: 2.68kg(one color box)
– Outer box size: 435x345x345mm(pack of 2)
– Tank capacity: 5000ml
– Rated power: 24V.1mA.24W


Ultrasonic humidifier

Kooling Ultrasonic humidifier Quick to dry & long – lasting moisture


Product functions:

– 7 LED color gradient lights
– Optional running time: 1 to 24 hours
– Features: aromatherapy can be added
– Spray volume: High speed (240-260ML)
Medium speed (150-180ML)
Low Speed (90-110ML)
– Intelligent control: when not loaded into the tank, no tank or water tank The in indicator light is yellow when there is no water shortage.