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Dehumidifier Maintenance: How to keep your Dehumidifier work well

Dehumidifier Maintenance: 

Dehumidifier belongs to the seasonal use of products, if the daily use properly, in addition to play the most efficient dehumidifier, but also to reduce the incidence of failure, prolong its service life. The following is a few ways to correctly use, maintain and maintain the dehumidifier.

1, adjust the humidity of the dehumidifier correctly: the user adjusts the setting humidity of the dehumidifier, the humidity should be set according to the feeling of the damp, the number of the space and the size of the space. Usually in the rest, sleep and other less activity of the state, the relative humidity of the room around 60%rh, the body will feel more comfortable. Humidity setting is too low, in addition to make people feel dry, due to indoor and outdoor humidity is larger, moisture spread good faster, resulting in frequent compressor boot and downtime, shorten the use of dehumidifier life, but also consumes more energy.

2, periodically to clean the dehumidifier: the regular removal of the Dehumidifier filter network for cleaning, can effectively improve the dehumidifier dust removal effect, improve environmental air quality. Regular cleaning of the heat sink of the outdoor machine can effectively improve the heat transfer coefficient and heat transfer efficiency, and improve the efficiency of the dehumidifier.

3, regularly let the professional inspection dehumidifier: Dehumidifier After a long period of use, the unit's electrical wiring and control components will have different degrees of aging, serious damage to the unit and the human body, regular professional to the Dehumidifier circuit inspection, replacement of aging components, supplemental refrigerant, Can prevent the aging of components to the machine and human harm, and can keep the dehumidifier in good working condition.

4, long-term use of dehumidifier, should do a good job of protection measures: winter or outside the long-term use of dehumidifier, the application of protective cover dehumidifier, to avoid its sun and rain, dust deposition, resulting in future cleaning and maintenance difficulties.

Dehumidifier Maintenance: How to keep your Dehumidifier work

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